The founders of Science2, who are academic chemists, are currently creating the first journal of the association that will be called Chem2 ( It is a chemistry journal based on high scientific standards. This shall be ensured by a rigorous peer reviewing process based exclusively on high scientific quality. This journal will be “open access” and the “benefits” from the publication fees will be dedicated entirely to the training of young scientists. The Science2 directorate honestly believes that this innovative “open access” model will serve to make the best use of public money and eventually reinvest it into the future of Science.


Science2 will be committed to publishing high-quality innovative research. Therefore, submitted manuscripts will undergo initial assessment to ensure that they meet the publication standards of the journal. A manuscript will be returned to the author(s) without being forwarded to reviewers if one or more of the following specifications apply:

  1. the work is of poor scientific quality
  2. the novelty of the work falls below that expected
  3. scientific misconduct is detected
  4. the quality of the English in the manuscript is poor
  5. (scanned) copies of all characterization files/data (such as elemental analyses, NMR Spectra, Mass spectra, CIFs, etc.) are not provided as Supporting Information
  6. the manuscript falls outside the scope of the journal
  7. the manuscript contains redundant data or significant amounts of information that has already been published elsewhere (or is under consideration by another journal)
  8. the paper represents undue fragmentation of the research into multiple reports
  9. the conclusions of the work presented are well known or have already been described in the literature.

The first journal of the association will be of chemistry, but the other areas of science (physics, biology, computational science and so on) will progressively be represented through the creation of the respective journals.


The funds raised by Science2 will be used for the creation of international Masters, PhD and Post-doc fellowships addressed only to excellent candidates. The latter will be carefully selected by the administration authorities of the concerned countries.


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