The minimum portion possible of the incomes of Science2 will be used to maintain the association and its top-level journals. The great majority of the funds collected (mostly through the OA journals) will be used to provide MSc, PhD and Postdoctoral Fellowships to excellent candidates from all over the world.


The young researchers will be carefully selected by the administration authorities of the concerned countries, through a process based on excellence. The grantees (from any country) chosen through transparent granting procedures will develop their research projects in a University or Institute located in any country.


Science2 has planned to extend this international program following the growth of the OA journals of the association, since the grants are funded through the article processing charges (APCs).



Science2 will also provide “conference grants” to outstanding PhD and postdoctoral fellows, which will cover the registration fees, as well as the travel and accommodation expenses.


At mid- to long-term, the association expects to be able to organize "Science2 conferences", where all speakers, internationally renowned, will be invited.




Science2 will initially offer conference grants to young researchers (PhDs and postdocs) who have contributed a paper in the first journal of the Association, namely Chemistry2. The PhD or postdoc grantee will have to present the corresponding research work (that is published or to be published in Chemistry2) in an international conference of her/his choice.