The activities of the association Science2 are regulated in accordance with the provisions of Law 4/2008, dated April 24, of the third book of the Civil Code of Catalonia on legal persons, and the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22 March, on the right of an association and its statutes. The association shall be subject to Spanish laws.

NIF : G66998055

  • The main policy and decision-making body of Science2 is the General Assembly composed of the Directorate (namely the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Board Member) and Members of the Association. Associated Members shall have the right to have one Representative at General Assembly meetings. Each member of the Directorate, each regular Member of the Association and the representative of the Associated Members shall have one vote.

The General Assembly shall meet in ordinary session if possible every year, at least once every two years, and it shall meet in extraordinary session if required.


The Directorate shall take decisions on all matters whose resolution cannot be postponed until the next meeting of the General Assembly.
The President shall execute the resolutions of the General Assembly and of the Directorate and deal with the Association’s day-to-day administration of the association (especially in relation with the maintenance of the open-access journals of the Association and the management of the scholarships). The President shall convene and chair the meetings of the General Assembly and of the Directorate.

  • Initially, the Association‘s membership shall be composed of the founding members. New members shall be admitted by the Association’s General Assembly upon application.


  • Membership: any applicant must have the endorsement of 3 active members of the association and subsequently pay the corresponding annual membership fees (30-90 euros per year, depending on their category). New members fulfilling these requirements shall be admitted by the Association’s General Assembly. Each member will have one vote at the meetings of the General Assembly.
  • Associate members of Science2: any legal person or entity providing academic or/and financial support to Science2 can become an Adherent Member of the Association. Associated members shall have one representative (with one vote) at the General Assembly meetings.
  • The assets of the association shall comprise: 

* membership dues (€30/year for students; €60/year for academics; €90/year for industrials);

* donations and subsidies as may be made by individuals or by any public or private authorities, provided that it will be accepted by the directorate; 

* returns resulting from association’s activities, especially from the dissemination of high-quality scientific knowledge (e.g. Article Processing Charges ‒ APCs ‒ of the Open Access journals; €100/article + VAT - Country discounts, see HERE).

  • The financial year runs form 1st January to 31st December.

The Association shall collect annual membership dues. Payment of the membership contributions are due and payable by the 31st January of the current calendar year at the latest; for new members, by the 31st January of the following year of admission.

The Association shall collect the APCs. A minimum amount of all funds collected will be used to maintain the Association and its Journals. Most of the funds raised will be reverted back to Science by providing international scholarships to talented students. These scholarships will be administrated by the appropriate governmental authorities (and not by the Association Science2).


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